Churchill’s Premium Quality Sausages are made with pork shoulder, high-quality spices and natural hog or lamb casings. Our sausages have a high pork content and a minimal amount of additives. Churchill's Sausages are packaged for retail in a premium cardboard box with 6, 8 or 10 links in vacuum bags weighing 454g (±10g). All flavours of our premium sausages are also available in Breakfast Sausage packs of 10 x 38g, ideal for hotels.

Churchill’s 邱吉爾優質香腸是用豬肩肉、高品質的香料以及天然的豬腸衣或羊腸衣製成。全系列產品含豬肉成分高,並盡量避免使用食品添加劑。
Churchill’s 零售通路的香腸是以優質紙盒包裝,每盒6、8或10條;約454克/盒。另有提供餐飲業者營業用的〝早餐香腸〞包裝,規格為38g/條;10條/包,無論是飯店的自助早餐吧、酒吧下酒菜或餐廳的開胃前菜組合,都是非常理想的選擇。